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About The Club
Club Chairman - Roy Ginn

Roy Ginn

Hello, My name is Roy I have been a member of the club for 25 years or so, and I have been the Chairman of the club for the last nine years or so, I have also served as chairman on and off in previous years. I primarily model in OO gauge. However I do appreciate all scales and gauges associated with model railways. I am the prime instigator of the club having a corporate image to present to the public, having introduced ID badges, polo shirts. I also work very hard on behalf of the club members to keep the club going from strength to strength.

Vice Chairman - Graham Aldridge

Graham Aldridge

I am Graham, I own the largest layout within the club (Wykeford
), I am interested in both DC / DCC operation and my layout is currently undergoing a full refurbishment to enable it to fully operate on DCC with an extension thrown in for good measure as well.


Secretary - Rev. John Stanton

John Stanton
Club Secretary

My first job was in a bank; that lasted five years with National Service in the RAF interrupting. Disillusioned I switched to insurance, specifically motor with a series of Lloyds brokers, ending as motor manage. That too went belly up so I applied to train as a teacher, and for the next 20 years taught maths then careers, Finally, I felt led to train for the ministry and had two years at Bible college and my own church before that suffered the usual fate. I am now retired from it, at 86 I suppose I am entitled. Recently widowed, five kids, eleven grandkids. Not a railway modeller among them.. I started my first layout in 1946 aged 14. Me, not the layout. This was 3-rail Hornby 00 and never got finished. Over the years I have started with EM, then S4, then 0, finally N. Several layouts which had something in common with that first one: they never got finished either.

I am now contemplating a "rabbit warren" in 009, to be built in the clubhouse.. Who knows; maybe for the first time in my life, I shall actually finish something.


Treasurer - Trevor Grout

Trevor Grout
Assistant Exhibition Manager
Website Administrator

Hi, I'm Trevor, I have been a member of the club now for over 25 years, my main focus is with the Southern Railway Branch line at Westerham, Kent, the station however no longer exists.
I am currently in the process of planning and then building a scale model of the station in S4. I also enjoy modern image modelling (tin boxes as some would say!)


Committee Member - Chris Webster

Chris Webster
Committee Member

Hi, I am Chris, one of a kind, I am the club TinMan and windup merchant, I enjoy both the old tinplate clockwork trains, I also am in the process of building outdoor railway, to SM32 Narrow gauge.


Committee Member - Bill Adlington

Bill Adlington
Committee Member

Hiya, My name is Bill, I have been a long time fan of the Clubs Annual Model Railway & Hobbies Show. It’s what pushed me to join and I haven’t looked back since. Formally a Railwaymans model railway club, it still has its core of retired professionals to drawdown real operation for model railways. Committee life here at Shoeburyness started when the previous Exhibition Planner stepped down and since then its been all go on all fronts with service to committee and club alike. Its a good time to become a member of SMRC as we are overhauling of club layouts portfolio and thus making my service to the Club even more interesting. At club level our N Gauge Group are moving forward on an exciting railway layout project called Rougemont Castle. This is a renamed former LNWR Railway Station famous for breaking-down coach formations for onward journey into the Withered Arm and returning stock up the notorious 1:37 bank and onward to London. I bring with me my experience in exhibiting the Essex Group Area, Three Millimetre Society railway layout. This has driven my desire to build our new SMRC baseboard in a revolutionary weight saving way. This is a huge undertaking and only possible with the support of like minded Railway Modellers and this is why its so important to support your railway club at all levels to bring people together, socialise, play trains and make the impossible dreams happen.

In my home life of model railways, I am on the downward run to retirement and looking forward to focusing more time on restoring the railway Layouts of Ken Garret, deceased - the inventor of TM Gauge (13.5mm) 3mm Scale Model Railways. However, I have also gained a warm interest in O gauge trains for the garden. I’m like a dog surrounded by trees - which one do I sniff next! Haha.


Committee Member - Liam Rand

Liam Rand
Committee Member

Hello, my name is Liam. I have been a member of the club for a year and was elected to the committee at the recent AGM.

I'm interested in 'N Gauge' currently building a large layout at home called 'Windward' and enjoying assisting with the club 'N Gauge' layout called 'Rougemont Castle' which is in the planning stage.


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